A satisfactory life in balance with
your natural and socio-economical environment


A satisfactory life in balance with your natural and socio-economical environment

The IDeal Index is a new guiding instrument for regions. It shall reflect genuine progress in matters of well-being, quality of life, economic and sustainable development. It has been elaborated by Paola Ghillani & Friends Ltd as a project of the Canton of Fribourg (Switzerland). The IDeal Index has been calculated for a limited number of European regions, with the final goal being to make this indicator available to the largest possible number of regions throughout Europe, and in the world. This formula is the result of several studies « Etude de faisabilité pour le calcul du Happy Planet Index cantonal » in October 2011 and « Proposition et calcul d’un nouvel indicateur de progrès véritable/bien-être pour le Canton de Fribourg » in September 2012, as well as « Assembly of European Regions (AER) Political Report IDeal Index : measuring real tangible progress and quality of life in the European regions» in April 2013, realised by Paola Ghillani & Friends Ltd. Thanks to this latest study, we could already compare the parameters and the IDeal Index results for about 50 member regions of the AER (Association including 272 members).
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IDeal Index in the world


In a Nutshell

The ultimate goal of regions calculating the value of their IDeal Index is to promote, for their citizens, a satisfactory life in balance with the natural and socio-economical environment.
How do regions reach this goal?
They first have to know how well they perform compared to an ideal state.
This is given by the value of the IDeal Index. The higher the value is, the better the region performs.
Then they have to know where to start to increase this value.
The IDeal Index is composed of a limited number of parameters. They can be improved by political measures, but many parameters need also participation from the citizens.
The parameters include aspects of employment, health and education, management of the natural environment and biodiversity,

waste management, recycling, water and energy savings, without forgetting economical aspects.
By comparing the values of these parameters between different regions, it becomes possible to see which components need to be addressed with priority. The continuous collection of data on these parameters allows monitoring of the progresses achieved. These data are then used to calculate the next annual value of the IDeal Index
For example, the canton of Fribourg decided to conduct a campaign on energy savings and is communicating every month the results on a webpage:
These results will be used to calculate the value of the IDeal Index of Fribourg in 2015

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What people say

  • Stiglitz

    “The objective of growth is to improve our quality of life; that of green growth, to improve our quality of life. The debate on growth-versus-environment is therefore a false dichotomy.”

    Joseph Stiglitz, in Challenges, 27 August 2009
  • Vonlanthen

    “Welcome to this extraordinary circle of dynamic, innovative regions where quality of life is a top priority!”

    Beat Vonlanthen, Minister of Economic Affairs, Canton of Fribourg
  • Mead

    ”Don’t ever think that a small group of conscious and dedicated people aren’t able to change the world. In fact this is the way it always happens!”

    Margaret Mead, Anthropologist
  • EnricoGiovaninni

    ”A professor of economic statistics at the University of Rome and a former Istat president, quips that non-statisticians often suggest that measuring happiness and well-being is a tricky task. His response: Have you ever tried to measure GDP?”

    Enrico Giovannini,


Change mindset and help us build the IDeal Index Community:

Stop accepting GDP, i.e. growth and productivity as an objective for measuring progress and well being Change mindset and make a donation to the IDeal Index.

As a not-for-profit project, we are developing the IDeal Index. If each conscious citizen reading this would give 5 EURO or 5 CHF or more, the needs for the IDeal Index further development for the year to come would be covered. And we would come together a step closer to a societal mindset change for a better life on our planet.
Contribute to improve the state of the world, starting by your region.
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Become an active contributor

Become an active contributor of the IDeal Index, an alternative to GDP for citizens who care about well-being and true progress in their region.
Thanks to the IDeal Index help us to influence politicians and citizen’s behaviour, so that we can all live a sustainable and satisfied life in our respective regions and, consequently, in the whole world!
Your donation will allow to identify which factors of quality of life and sustainable development most urgently need improvement in your own region.
How does it work?
IDeal Index measures the performance of a region towards offering the chance to a satisfying life for its inhabitants. IDeal Index is a novel alternative to GDP.
IDeal Index is the result of 5 years of research and experimentation on existing rising „beyond GDP“ initiatives. We’ve kept only the best from all those initiatives in order to develop the IDeal Index.
What is the effect of your donation?
Example: Energy consumption is too high in the region of Fribourg. As a consequence the government has launched the OFF campaign, in order to inspire citizen and enterprises to reduce their energy consumption with smart ideas.


The objectives of this website go beyond informing about the IDeal Index, it is also about supporting and ensuring the further development of the IDeal Index for at least 150 regions during 3 years (2014-2016). So, please support us! Your support is decisive and will allow to:

Guarantee the conformity of the IDeal Index with regard to the OECD standards for aggregated indicators (see attachment).
Ensure the data collection necessary for the computing of the IDeal Index calculation in an harmonized manner and over several years; and in parallel develop a smart platform, a web-based database allowing an efficient data collection and an easy data computing. The idea being to be as user-friendly as possible for the regions member and non-member of the EU in integrating their data, and in order to get a comprehensive output of the benchmark for politicians and citizens.
And overall, sensibilise and influence, you, citizen of your region, in your behaviour, and thus inspire your politicians in their policy orientation towards more sustainability and life satisfaction.
The IDeal Index formula measures the genuine progress and well-being of the regions thanks to a one and only indicator, which supersedes GDP, considering not only economical aspects, but societal and environmental aspects as well.

Paola Ghillani

expert in strategy and sustainable development, is the initiator and developer of the IDeal Index

After having influenced the real economy thanks to a proven track record in the field of fair Trade products and sustainable development, Paola Ghillani , has decided to develop a macro economic instrument, the IDeal Index, to inspire politicians and citizen, but also businesses for the need of a mindset change on how to measure real progress and wellbeing.

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Contributors to the IDeal Index

Chantal Guggenbuehl

Co-developer of the IDeal Index
PhD, Expert in Sustainability & Statistics


Pierre Caille

Head of the statistical service

Canton of Fribourg


Mikael Sonesson

Former Head of

West Sweden


Ilvessalo Hannele

Senior Planning Officer, the Unit of Strategy,

Vaasa, West Finland


European regions

participating to the IDeal Index 1st pilot Fribourg 2013



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Outcome and benefits

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